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Advice & Planning
You have what seems to be a great idea for a product and you want to find out if there are already similar things available.

You have a patented product or process and you want to know if someone else is likely infringing your patent.

You have an interest in buying a company or product and want to know technically what stage of development the product is in: is it in the prototype stage, is there still an investment required to mature the design? Is it ready for production, but requires new processes capable of the production rate required? Is it a mature product that comes with the appropriate tooling and process documentation? What are the technical issues and opportunities with the target product or company?

You have a major competitor and want to know their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. You want to know what their customers think of their products and service and what edge you might have to gain market share.

The professionals at Dewey Engineering have extensive experience in data gathering and analysis. We know how to ask the right questions to get the information you need. We know how to present that information in a manner that maximizes your options.

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"I partnered with Dewey Engineering in performing in-depth competitive analysis across a large market segment for a fortune 100 company. Dewey Engineering was resourceful, thorough, professional and a joy to work with. The client was extremely pleased with the finished work product, and that has led to a continuing relationship."

Theresa Veeneman
Veeneman Associates


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